Keeping & Breeding Guppy Fish

blue guppy fishGuppies are one of the most popular fish in the world when it comes to keeping tropical fish as a hobby. They’ve become so well known because they are so easy to care for making them perfect for beginners.

They’re a very hardy fish and easily adapt and adjust to the water quality issues beginners often make at the start,I did! Guppies give beginners the time and confidence needed to learn more about fish keeping.

Not only are guppy fish popular for their hardiness but also their almost infinite range of colours shapes and styles. I don’t think there’s a colour that guppies haven’t been bred in and their fancy tails are something to be admired; personally I can watch them swim all day long, glimmering in the tank.
It has to be noted though, it’s the male guppies that are the more colourful and fancier of the two sexes, that’s not to say you can’t get some amazing looking female guppies.

If that wasn’t enough, guppies are also live-bearing fish, which means they give birth to their babies rather that laying eggs like most other fish. If you’ve need seen guppies give birth or tiny baby guppies swimming around the tank, you’re missing out and I really recommend you try and seem them at some point. It’s great for kids to see and be apart of, caring for the guppies and then actually seeing baby fish in their tank to that they need to care for.


Watching baby guppies grow into their colours and shape is really exciting, not knowing what to expect, because they cross exceptionally easily and what will come out is nine times out of ten a surprise.

Native to the brackish waters of the Amazon, as well as multiple locations around the Caribbean islands, they sound like a pretty exotic fish that belongs in a sea-life centre rather than in people homes don’t they. Measuring in at a relatively small size makes the ideal for home aquariums, males reaching 2 inches and females slightly larger at 2 to 3 inches.

If your thinking about starting fish keeping, then without a shadow of a doubt, guppies are the fish for you.