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Guppy fish

Guppy fish which are also known as poecilia reticulata and are hugely popular in freshwater fish keeping for a number of reasons, the main being how easy guppy fish are to keep. Guppies are so popular on a whole that they are found all around the world in fish tanks and ponds that’s how versatile they really are.

Guppy fish are not only one of the best fish a beginner can start with it is also a great way into breeding your own fish because these guppies breed just as much a rabbits which is perfect for you and the kids to watch and learn.

Top 5 tank mates for guppies

I love guppies; their such an underrated yet unbelievably beautiful fish that come in an endless supply of colours and designs; I don’t think there’s another fish out there that can come close to them in terms of pure variety, well that’s my opinion! Keeping guppies is actually quite simple, given the basics they’ll a … Continue reading

Exposed! 3 Popular Guppy Myth’s Busted!

Today I want to talk you about fish keeping myths, in particular guppies; now they’ve  always been a very popular fish to keep as pets and have attracted a lot of attention over time, along with this attention many myths have popped up, some of them are pretty funny when you think about them in detail while … Continue reading

Is daily feeding harming your fish?

I bet your fish adore being fed like all of us but what if I told you, you were doing more harm than good by feeding them daily…sure they will eat it if it’s there and they’ll be more than grateful but feeding your fish with all this food is simply not good for them … Continue reading

Guppy Breeding Setup

What is the best guppy breeding setup? Well that is a very good question that is asked a lot from beginners that want to breed their guppies for the first time. There are two ways that this can be done, both of which are relatively easy setups. Guppy breeding setup one: The first method is the easiest, guppies … Continue reading

Female died after giving birth?

Q. I have got a few pregnant guppy fish in my tank and I’m really worried that there going to die when they give birth. This is my first time keeping guppies and over the past week I watched one of my females getting bigger and bigger and then noticed she was hiding a lot … Continue reading

How long until I can add guppies?

Q. I’m really interested in keeping guppy fish as they are so beautiful and they are meant to be very easy to keep. What I want to know is how long do I have to leave my tank to mature unit I can add guppies to it? I have a 15 gallon tank that I … Continue reading