Female died after giving birth?

Q. I have got a few pregnant guppy fish in my tank and I’m really worried that there going to die when they give birth. This is my first time keeping guppies and over the past week I watched one of my females getting bigger and bigger and then noticed she was hiding a lot more than normal, I have read that this means she is getting ready to give birth to her young which I was very excited about.  
Anyway I woke up this morning, looked I’m my tank and saw loads of baby guppies which is great but then was shocked to see the female was dead! She looked a lot smaller in the stomache which leads me to believe she was the one who gave birth but then die straight after, is this normal and does it mean all my other females will die soon? I really hope this is just a one off as I really don’t want to lose any more of my female guppies. Any help and advice that you can give me will be much appericated.  
A. I’m sorry to hear about your female guppy, it’s always a great shame when you lose a fish. Now this is not that easy of a question to answer to be honest as there are two answers, I’m some senses it is common and in another it’s not, both are dependent on a few factors that I will go in to now. 
If it was your females first labor then this could have been the problem, it was just to long and stressful for her which could be what caused her to die. Another thing could have been she was too young and not ready to give birth, sure she can become pregnant but giving birth is totally different, the only way you can prevent this problem is separating females as soon as you can, keeping them virgins until mature enough. 
On the other side to all of this it could just be nature and she simply died, I know it not nice but it does happen.As long as you fish tank is healthy and disease free you shouldn’t have and more females die, if you do then I would suggest you get your water tested to see if there are any abnormalities that could be causing it.


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