10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders for Guppies

Can Guppy live without feeder fish? Do Guppy fish really need a feeder?

If you’re going on a trip or just want a more convenient way to keep your guppies fed;

Sometimes we don’t have someone to look after them,

in such scenario, an automatic fish feeder may be a worthwhile investment.

Automatic fish food feeder are also know as vacation fish feeder or smart fish feeder

Other Names for fish feeders?

Using an autofeeder is an excellent option to feed your guppy fish when you are away.

There are dozens of automatic feeders on the market, including electric and battery-operated models.

Fish feeders range from very basic models that hold a week of food,

and advanced models can store and dispense up to 8 weeks’ worth of fish food on a specific schedule.

Some even let you feed fish various types of food together. Of course, not all automatic feeders are equal.

While a good feeder costs around $30, some cheap models let moisture in, clumping food and clogging the dispenser.

Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for an automatic feeder from the market.

Do you really need an automatic fish feeder?

The simple answer is No, A fish feeder is not a compulsory aquarium product, but can be useful at times.

Frankly speaking, an automatic fish feeder is not the best way to feed your fish, and I don’t prefer it

You will find value in an automatic fish feeder only if you are busy and cannot feed them properly.

Nevertheless, if you have sufficient time and layoff routine prefer feeding fish by hand.

Captive fishes rely on owners for food as they don’t have ways to feed like in wild.

Your aquatic fish needs food, and this little device is situationally useful and lifesaving for fish.

An automatic fish feeder is always on schedule even if you are not there with your tank mates.

Secondly, asking others to feed your fish may result in overfeeding as they are inexperienced.

What are the different types of automatic fish feeders?

Automatic fish feeders come in two different styles. Rotating barrels and portion control feeders

Let’s take a closer look at the two most common types of fish feeders and the pros and cons of each.

Feeder with Rotating Barrel (Rotating barrel fish feeders)

This is the most common type of automatic fish feeder that is easily available both online and offline.

Simply fill the barrel with snacks or pellets that you want to feed your fish,

Set the timing schedule to how often you like to feed your fish wait and test it.

The program timer automatically rotates the barrel, dropping small fish food into the tank.

The amount of dispensed food is determined by the size of the barrel opening.

By adjusting the opening, we can decide whether to give large or small meals to fish.

The appealing feature of a rotating barrel fish feeder is holding a large amount of food.

If you plan for an extended vacation, this is suitable. As it can hold 5 weeks of fish food.

Advantages or Pros of Rotating barrel fish feeders

  • Easy availability both online and offline
  • Can hold large amount of fish food
  • Several Mounting options available
  • Suitable for small size fish foods

Disadvantages or Cons of Rotating barrel fish feeders

  • Not suitable for large-sized dried foods
  • Algae wafers, big crisps, and sticks can stick in the opening.
  • Not suitable for mixed feedings
  • Portions  are Less accurate
  • Not suitable for Community tanks as they need multiple feeders
  • Single compartment to hold food

Feeders with Portion control option (Portion control fish feeders)

Think of this fish feeder as just like a pill container where a precise amount of medication is scheduled and given.

You prefill fish food, set the timer, and when feeding time rolls, the feeder releases a fixed amount of food into your tank.

The advantage here is we can mix different types of fish food together and perfectly measure out each meal.

We can put various fish foods like pellets, wafers in separate trays. and let them release at different times all day.

The downside of precisely control ability reduces its holding capacity as compared to the barrel type.

Advantages or Pros of Portion control fish feeders

  • Apt for dispensing mixed food
  • Précised dispensing of fish food
  • Suitable for large dried foods like Algae wafers and Big Crisps

Disadvantages or Pros of Portion control fish feeders

  • Meal portions require measurements.
  • Holds a lesser amount of fish food as compared to rotating barrels.
  • It requires more space for setup and storage
  • Not suitable for dispensing betta pellets
  • Difficult to maintain and clean
  • Not commonly available in stores

Choosing an Automatic Fish Feeder

Here are some factors to consider when you’re choosing the right automatic feeder.

Type of Food

Make sure the feeder can handle the size and type of food you feed your fish.

For eg, some automatic feeders only feed pellets or flakes but some can stack of food or even brine shrimp.

Battery or AC Power

A battery-powered feeder will work even if the power goes out, but make sure your feeder has fresh batteries.

Feedings Per Day

Basic feeders can only dispense food once per day, but others can dispense food several times a day.

Amount of Food Dispensed

Do you want a feeder that can only dispense a specific amount of food at once?

or do you want the option to change the feeding size as your tank grows?


Some feeders have brackets to attach to the tank but others use suction cups.

Brackets are a better option because suction cups can fail, especially when they become brittle with age.


You may want a feeder that has different chambers to dispense a variety of food at certain times of the day.

This way you can feed fish flakes in the morning and pellets in the evening, for example.

EHEIM Programmable Automatic Fish Feeder

The EHEIM feeder is affordable and works well every day plus feeding your fish while you’re on vacation.

It includes a ventilation system and fan to keep the food dry (a problem with many cheap feeders).

It stores up to 3.3 fluid ounces, which is enough for up to 6 weeks of feeding.

The EHEIM feeder has a digital LCD screen for programming up to 8 feedings per day.

It uses a clamp system and has a transparent drum, so you can see how much food is left.

API 14-Day Pyramid Automatic Fish Feeder

This fish feeder is a single-use automatic feeder that contains fish pellets that are released slowly as the pyramid dissolves.

It also has a secret chamber inside that releases tubifex worms around the 4th day.

It can feed about 20 fish in a 10-gallon tank, although the feedings won’t be timed in an estimated 14-day window.

Unlike most dissolving feeders, the API feeder won’t cloud the water.

Lukovee Automatic Fish Feeder

The Resun automatic fish feeder is one of the most affordable automatic feeders on the market with a timer.

New Generation Feeding Time Display with USB Rechargeable Timer.

Moisture-Proof Aquarium or Fish Tank Food Dispenser with 200ML Large Capacity for Vacation Holiday.

Below are Some More Top Selling Fish Feeders

Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder

Proche Fish Feeder

EHEIM TWIN Automatic Feeder

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder

Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder


A fish feeder is not an essential item though it can be a lifesaver when you are in vacation mode.

Guppies can live with or without them depending on how often you interact and feed them,

From the above discussion, we can conclude that fish feeders are cheap and a must-have device in our homes,

Even though I mentioned earlier to prefer hand-feeding who knows when an emergency situation arises and you may need it?

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