What is the Best Starter Fish for Kids? (10 Fishes you must know)

Best Fish for Children: Top Fish for Beginners and kids

While most people choose a dog or cat as a child’s first pet, this isn’t practical for everyone.

Perhaps a child or family member has an allergy, or your landlord doesn’t allow cats and dogs.

Maybe you just prefer your child start with a pet that’s easier to care for.

Fish can be a great way to introduce children to the responsibilities of taking care of a pet.

So, What is the best pet fish for a kid? best fish tank for kids?What’s the best pet for a 5 year old?

Here are some of the best fish for children to care for

Gold Fish

The goldfish is the classic first pet. Not only are goldfish easy to care for, but they’re also very peaceful and tend to get along with most other fish.

Goldfish need fresh water with a temperature of close to 63 degrees.

They need little else aside from a good tank filter and some decorations and plants for hiding.

goldfish for beginners and kids


Angelfish come in many varieties, all of which are easy to keep.

Because angelfish are cichlids, they will get territorial once mature, particularly when they’re breeding.

Be careful not to add smaller fish like neon tetras to the tank unless you want your children to see the less pleasant side of the animal kingdom.

angelfish for kids
Image Credits: Elias Levy

Neon Tetras

neon tetras for kids and beginners
Image Credits: wikimedia

Neon tetras are small, cute fish that kids enjoy because they prefer to swim in a school of at least eight.

Neons require very little upkeep aside from a tank with plenty of plants for hiding.

Be sure to get at least 8 or 10 neon tetras to keep them happy.


Guppies are beautiful, peaceful fish that get along with most other fish.

They prefer to swim with at least a few other guppies so keep them in a group.

Avoid placing guppies with any fish with colorful or large fins as they will nibble, and don’t place them with larger fish that may eat them.

Because guppies are live bearers, your kids can enjoy watching a clutch of live fry being born.

guppies for beginners


Also known as suckermouth catfish or plecos, these fish are very peaceful and feed mostly on algae.

You can add a pleco to a tank with almost any other fish to keep your tank clean.

Kids love watching these suckerfish move across the glass!

Be sure to give them a nice hiding spot like a cave to help them feel secure.

plecos fish for kids
Image Credits: Vassil

Betta Fish (Siamese fighting fish)

Betta fish are among the most beautiful beginner fish you can find and they’re very easy to care for.

Just be sure you don’t put more than one male in the same tank as they will fight to the death.

They will also jump out of the tank if you don’t have a cover.

betta fish for beginner kids

Molly Fish

Mollies are colorful fish that get along with most other species.

They love hiding in plants and get along famously with guppies.

If you add mollies and guppies to a tank, your child will eventually have molly/guppy hybrids.

molly fish for kids
Image Credits: wikimedia

Danios (Zebra Danios)

If you have a very long tank (at least 20 feet) that you don’t want to heat, danios are a good choice.

There are several types of danios, all with long fins.

These active swimmers love to swim in a school of at least 8 and they’re prolific breeders.

danios for kids
Image Credits: Pogrebnoj-Alexandroff


Corydoras or cory cats are a type of catfish that are very easy to care for.

These tropical catfish live in freshwater and make great tank mates for guppies and mollies.

Because they’re bottom feeders, they help keep the tank clean while getting along with most other fish, including many types of aggressive fish.

Corydoras or cory cats for kids
Image Credits: Andrew Keller


I hope you like reading this article about the pet fish you can start of a beginner or for your kids,

maybe i have missed some other common fishes, that are even more friendly and easy to manage.

If you have any of the pet fish that is not in our list do let us know will be update about them.

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