Can Snails live with Guppies? (Which ones and which don’t)

Choosing a Snail as a Guppy Tankmate

All Guppy beginners are always in search of a good tank mate for their guppies, as being alone makes them aggressive and sometimes behave abnormally.

Guppies and Snails – Can They Live Together? The simple answer is Yes some snails and guppies can.

Snails are excellent tank mates for virtually any species of fish, including guppies.

Snails help in controlling the algae in your tank, but they can be problematic if you choose a species that breeds in freshwater.

Here are some tips for choosing a snail or three to add to your guppy tank.

5 Best Snails To Keep With Guppies

Nerite Snails

spotted nerite snail (Neritina natalensis) eating on a rock in a fish tank

Can you keep nerite snails with guppies?

Nerite snails live in freshwater and hatch eggs in freshwater, although the eggs require marine or brackish water to develop.

The hard eggs can be hard to remove from some surfaces in your tank.

The eggs don’t make much mess and nerite snails are great for controlling algae.

Nerite Snails are almost 100% safe to keep with Guppies.

If you want really effective algae cleaning crew, add at least 5 nerite snails to your tank.

Turtle Snails (Septaria Porcellana)

Septaria Porcellana

Can you keep porcellana snails with guppies?

While they aren’t always easy to find, you can’t beat this species of snail if you want to control algae.

In fact, they eat so many algae that you should avoid cleaning the back of your tank to make sure they have enough food!

Septaria porcellana snails will not breed in freshwater.

Spike-Topped Apple Snails

Can you keep spike-topped snails with guppies?

Most apple snails will eat the plants in your aquarium. The spike-topped apple snail is the exception.

These beautiful snails will breed in your tank, however, but they’re easy to keep.

Because apple snails can get quite large, make sure you have at least a 15-20 gallon tank.

Be sure they have plenty of leftover fish food and even fresh vegetables as they might go after your plants if deprived of other food.

Assassin Snails

In the background of the picture you see an Anatome Helena Snail, also known as the Assassin Snail

Can you keep assassin snails with guppies?

If you have already introduced snails to your tank or a few hitched a ride on some plants and you now have a snail problem, introduce a couple of assassin snails to your tank.

Assassin snails control runaway populations of snails by hunting down and eating other snail species.

They will reproduce in freshwater but their population lowers when they run out of food (other snails).

Mystery Snails

Translucent snail in the sunlight. Sun rays pass through the mystery snail

Can you keep mystery snails with guppies?

Yes, Mystery snail is a good tank mate for guppies and a lot of similar fish species.

Tetras, Killifish, and Guppies, do not feed on snails or their little ones and let them mind their own business.

Snails to Avoid with Guppies

Aquarium snails can become a real nuisance if you aren’t careful or if you add the wrong species to your tank.

Avoid the following species to avoid a pest problem.

Pond snails

Underwater snail

Pond snails are excellent aquarium scavengers but they can quickly overpopulate.

They’re also very small at just 1/4″, allowing them to hide in your decorations, plants, and gravel.

Ramshorn snails

Planorbidae common name the ramshorn snails or ram’s horn snails

Ramshorn snails have a unique horn-shaped shell that comes in beautiful colors.

While beautiful, ramshorn snails will quickly overpopulate if they get too much food.

They will lay huge clutches of eggs in a layer of thick mucus that makes a mess of your aquarium.

Snails Are Impossible to Get Rid Of

Not really, but it is very hard to get rid of a snail population once you introduce them to your tank.

In fact, they’re so resilient that they can survive low temperatures, foul water, salt, and even bleaching the tank.

How to Avoid a Snail Overpopulation

While snails are great tankmates, you can quickly have a snail problem on your hands,

if you choose a hermaphroditic species like the Golden Apple Snail or Zebra Nerite Snail that breeds on freshwater.

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