25 Guppy Tank Mates you can Join (With Images)

Keeping a diverse and interesting aquarium is important for both your fish and your psyche. But it can be tough to know what to add to your tank and when especially if you’re not a fish expert. Thankfully, there are some fish that can easily fit into an aquarium set up for Guppies, even if … Read more

5 Differences Between Male and Female Guppies?

difference between male and female guppies

When it comes to fish, there are a lot of species out there that people can choose from. Some people prefer the sleek look of a catfish while others might be drawn to the more robust appearance of a barracuda. In the world of fish keeping, there are even more varieties available to choose from, … Read more

The History of the Guppy: Who discovered guppies?

If you are going to remain a standard guppy enthusiast and just enjoy your fish, you can skip the article; However, if you are serious about guppy breeding and later selling and business aspects, then you want to portray yourself as one that is knowledgeable in the species. In order to do that you really … Read more

22 Amazing Guppy Facts for Kids (You Must Know)

We love fascinating guppy fish and there are some incredible facts about guppies! So read on for our top 20 guppy facts. Guppies are a species of fish that is native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world. These fish have interesting habits and characteristics that kids will love learning about in this list … Read more

Do Guppies Sleep? (When, How And Where Do They Sleep)

Do Guppies Sleep? (When, How And Where Do They Sleep)

Do guppy fish sleep? When do guppies sleep? Where do they sleep? and how can you tell that they are sleeping? Guppies are freshwater fish that is native to South America and parts of Africa. These fish are popular aquarium pets, but some people are curious about their sleep habits. In this article, we will … Read more

50+ Guppy Morphs and Colors
50+ Guppy Morphs and Colors