The Beginners Guide to Fish Tank Setup 101

The Beginners Guide to Fish Tank Setup 101

Many people dream of setting up a beautiful fish tank at home. They see some aquariums at friend’s places or at commercial spaces like restaurants, and offices and wish that even they should have one at their home. Sometimes kids force parents to have a fish tank at home and this encourages many parents to … Read more

Can Guppies Eat Ants? Which Insects Are Safe?

Do Guppies eat Ants and Insects

Throughout the day, you may find yourself wondering if guppies can eat ants. There are a few questions to ask when you are trying to decide whether or not your fish can eat something, but this article will help you with those questions! Have you ever wondered if guppies can eat ants? We know that … Read more

15 Best Platinum Guppy Breeds, Price & More

Platinum Guppy Breeds and Names

Platinum guppies are beautiful guppy varieties with platinum coloration on their bodies, tails, caudal, and dorsal fins. They also have longer, flowing tails that look stunning. Their elegance can be noticed in various lighting conditions. These guppies are usually smaller and are active swimmers. They originate from South America. Platinum guppies are quite affordable and … Read more

15 Best Mosaic Guppy Breeds and Names

Mosaic Guppy Breeds and Names

Mosaic guppies are extremely vibrant and colorful variants of common guppies, and they are becoming very popular in the market. These guppies have a color arrangement that remains regular. Blue body coloration indicates a yellow alloy color, whereas dark blue body coloration indicates a red alloy color. Their tails and fins have a punchy blue … Read more

11 Best Dumbo Guppy Breeds, Price, and More

Dumbo Guppy Breeds and Price

Dumbo guppies are beautiful-looking guppy variants well-known for their large-sized pectoral fins (ears). These ears look like the ears of an elephant. Male guppies are colorful with various violet, yellow, blue, orange, and red colors. Females of these guppy breeds also look very colorful and elegant. They usually inhabit the upper region of the aquarium. … Read more

15 Best Yellow Guppy Breeds, Price and More

Yellow Guppy Breeds and Price

The Yellow guppy also called Sunrise yellow guppy or German yellow guppy, are very classy guppy strains getting more and more popular. These guppy varieties have bright and punchy yellow coloration on their bodies which can be rarely seen in other fish species. It is due to years of selective breeding that these guppies got … Read more

15 Best Albino Guppy Breeds and Names

Albino Guppy Breeds and Names

The genetic condition of albinism gave rise to the name albino guppies. This is a condition when the appearance of the guppy is white because of the absence of melanin pigments in the body. These guppies have a fully white appearance with shades of link pink coloration on their faces and have red or pink … Read more

Are Guppies Aggressive To Other Fish?

Are Guppies Aggressive To Other Fish?

Guppies are usually peaceful in temperament, which means they are less likely to create any problems in the tank. However, you may notice occasional fights or aggression, which only happens with other guppy fish of the same species. But it is important to note that you can never predict the mood and behavior of any … Read more

15 Best Blue Guppy Breeds, Price & More

Blue Guppy Breeds and Price

Blue guppy fish is an extremely beautiful fancy fish and is a great addition to the freshwater tanks. These guppies have an appearance of a show-stopper. They boast a solid blue electric coloration and have highlights of dark blue or light blue colors, which look very appealing and elegant. These guppies are quite easy to … Read more

3 Homemade Guppy Food Recipes

Homemade Guppy Food

Here, we’ll talk all about what homemade food for guppies is best. Not only diet plays an important role in keeping them healthy but also makes them look beautiful & healthy. Though commercial foods can provide a lot of essential nutrients to the guppies and are made to be the best diet for them, some … Read more