Do Guppies need a Filter? Can guppies live without it?

Do Guppies need a Filter

Some fish, such as goldfish, produce a huge amount of waste. A filter helps to remove this waste and houses a colony of good bacteria, which removes water pollution.

But what about guppies? Do they produce a lot of waste? Do guppies need a filter?

There’s no definite answer to whether guppies need a filter!

some people insist that they manage fine without one, while others would never keep guppies without a filter.

We recommend that you add a small filter to your guppy tank.

You may want to consider a sponge filter powered by an air pump (make sure you buy the right size for your tank and have air pump tubing too!).

A sponge filter should be perfectly adequate for guppies and is better than having no filter.

nevertheless, filters will certainly help keep the water a little bit cleaner and safe.

It isn’t necessary to have a large, powerful filter for a guppy tank as compared to goldfish,

For eg, guppies don’t produce much waste and won’t pollute their water quickly,

As long as they are kept in an appropriately sized tank without other tank mates species.

In fact, more powerful filters can actually be dangerous for your guppies!

The strong water current created by the filter can drag them into the filter.

And sometimes pin them against the side of the filter inlet, thereby damaging their body.

Of course, whether you have a filter or not, you should do regular water changes,

To make sure that your guppies’ tank water doesn’t get too polluted!

Can guppies live without an air pump and filter?

Guppies can survive without an Air Pump if the water in your tank has abundant oxygen in it.

However, Air Pump can also be ignored if you have a filter that agitates water in the tank.

How long can guppies be without a filter?

In absence of a filter, and proper aeration (i.e dissolved oxygen supply in water)

I would say you’ve got about 3-5 days max before the guppy start suffocating and dying out,

Do Guppy fry needs a filter?

No, it’s not compulsory, The fry is the only fish that can live in non-aerated tanks, as they have low oxygen demand and can live on dissolved oxygen in the water.

However, guppy fry is small and unlikely to produce an alarming amount of poop or wastes as compared to adults, so they don’t need as much filtration as adult guppies do.

Do guppies need bubblers? Do guppies need a filter?

Do guppies need bubblers?

Do guppies require a bubbler?

Well, the answer is yes, Guppy fry loves clean and aerated water, so a bubbler is an easy and effective option.

Although it is not compulsory to have an active filter like adults, passive ways to oxygenate water in a fish tank can be implemented.

Is tap water safe for guppies?

No, You cannot directly use Tap water for Guppies as they are freshwater fish, Tap water usually contains Impurities, salts, chlorine, and heavy metals that can harm guppies.

You could buy water from a store that is chlorine-free, or you can use tap water, leave it in a container in sunlight for 24-48 hours, this was the evaporation of chlorine takes place.

Do I need to change my guppy water?How to do it?

Changing Water for Your Guppies Use a water conditioner for your tap water that will remove heavy metals and chlorine,

or let your tap water sit in an open container for 24 hours to evaporate the chlorine.

Make sure your water is the same temperature as your tank water.

What do you think? Do you have a filter in your guppy tank? If so, what kind of filter do you have?

Add a comment below to let other guppy keepers know what you think works best!

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