Do Guppies Sleep? (When, How and Where do they sleep)

Do guppy fish sleep? When do guppies sleep? Where do they sleep? and how can you tell that they are sleeping?

If your mind is perturbed with all these questions then you landed on right place, here we will discuss about guppy sleep;

Many guppy fish keepers see their guppies being less active and wonder whether they are sleeping.

In this post, we look at whether guppies sleep, how guppies sleep when they sleep, and let you know how to tell when your guppies are sleeping!

Do guppies sleep?

Yes! Guppies do sleep! All fish sleep in some way, but it’s not like human sleep.

It’s more like “resting”, the fish remains more alert than a human is when sleeping, and they may appear to be awake if you don’t know how to spot the signs that they are resting.

When do guppies sleep?

Guppies will sleep at any time of day but, like humans, they prefer to sleep in the dark, so you will generally find that your guppies sleep at night.

You should therefore make sure that you turnoff Aquarium lights at night (if you have one) so that your guppy fish can rest.

How do guppies sleep?

Guppies don’t close their eyes when they sleep. Interestingly, guppies don’t do it because they can’t – they don’t have eyelids! Like we do!

Guppies will either rest on the gravel (or whatever you choose as the surface of your tank) or float just above it.

Where do guppies sleep?

What do guppies do at night?

During night Guppies sometimes stop swimming and float when they sleep,

They sometimes lay motionless in the gavel bottom of a tank,

They also float near aquarium plant decorations. but this doesn’t mean they are dead but actually, they’re asleep.

How can you tell that a guppy is sleeping?

When your guppy sleeps it becomes less active than usual and, instead of swimming around, it just floats in one spot.

It won’t move very much at all, aside from the odd twitch or flick of a fin to keep itself stable in the water.

The spot where your guppy sleeps will usually be near the bottom of the tank, slightly above the base.

How do Guppies Behave while sleeping?

Unlike humans and animals, Guppies do not have eyelids, so practically they can’t close their eyes while asleep.

So visually it is impossible to tell whether they are actually sleeping or not.

The behaviors that we can estimate about sleepy guppy is inactivity or motionlessnes.

Indicators to tell guppies are sleeping

Like us, and most animals, Guppies prefers to sleep during the night time not daytime.

You can tell when a Guppy is sleeping by its lack of swimming or movement .

They usually rest at the bottom of the tank near gavel, on plants decorations or hiding spot.

While being comfortable with their surroundings, they can sleep even while floating around.

Resting Environment for Guppies (How to Create it?)

Like Humans, Guppies can sleep anytime, but they prefer sleeping during night or when its dark and silent,

So,to provide proper resting environment, we must turn off the aquarium lights during night.

Otherwise, your Guppies might not get full sleeping hours, causing illness and diseases in guppy fish.

aquarium decorations and live plants create hiding spots comfortable enough to rest.

Do Guppy Fish Sleep Upside-Down?

The simple answer is no they usually don’t sleep upside-down or their belly up;

if you notice a guppy fish swimming upside down, the issue is probably an infection or swim bladder disorder.

If your guppy fish tends on lying upside-down for a long time without any physical movements, it is probably dying

You can try to diagnose and somewhat rectify the situation by replacing tank water and administering standard medication.

In case your fish is motionless or dead for a long time remove and dispose it immediately.

How to Identify a Sick Guppy Fish?

Here are some unusual signs or indicators of guppy fish diseases that can alarm you if your guppy is sick or dying

  • Spine bending; Curvature of the dorsal spine (Piscine scoliosis)
  • Abdomen Bloating (constipation or dropsy)
  • White Spots on the body (ick or ich disease)
  • Rotting of fins or tails (fin rot disease)
  • Gills Swelling Disease (Ammonia poisoning)
  • Fish swimming upside-down (bladder disorder)
  • Red blood spots on the belly (Nitrites and Ammonia poisoning)
  • Protruding & bulging eyes (Infection, dropsy, parasites, etc.)
  • Body ulcers and discolouration (Guppy Tuberculosis (TB)).
  • Lesions, sores, ulcers on the belly (Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS))
  • White splashes on guppy body (Mouth fungus and Columnaris disease)
  • Hole in head disease; lesions appear on the head and flanks of fish (hexamitiasis) (HLLE)

How to Dispose a Dead Guppy Fish?

There are many safe ways you can use to dispose of a dead guppy fish;

  • Flushing: Flushing down the toilet is the best way to get rid of dead guppy fish.
  • Cremation– If the guppy fish is not dead or dead for a long time its can spread diseases both in tankmates and humans. so, another option is to burn it off, You should consider cremation (if it is legal and allowed in your location)Avoid feeding it to other fish or tank mates as it can transmit pathogens to others.
  • Bury in Ground: This is also an effective method, make sure you bury it so deep down the ground other predators and animals cannot dig and consume it.
  • Ziplock bag: Some aquarists suggest placing dead guppy fish in a plastic airtight Ziplock bag and throw it out in the trash. but we don’t recommend it, as animals can open and consume them.


guppy fish resting at night is not alarming or to worry about, but guppy fish exhibiting similar behaviour in the daytime or for a prolonged period of time is something to investigate further it may be a negative sign of health status.

Have you spotted your guppies sleeping? Where and when do they sleep? Add a comment to let us and other Guppy Fish Care readers know!

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