How to Make a New Guppy Strain? (Guppy Color Strain Tips)

Important Tips for Guppy Strain Improvement

When you first start expanding your hobby of keeping guppies from enjoying them to breeding them, for the first little while you are going to be depending a lot on trial and error.

You will definitely make a lot of mistakes, but even with these errors you are still really going to enjoy what you are participating in.

These few guppy strain improvement tips will help you fine-tune your efforts.

As you progress you are going to become more serious and more detailed about your guppy breeding activities.

You have to go back to the roots of the guppy which is the wild male and realize that this fish at that time was not all that impressive, that it had a few color spots and was about three-quarters of an inch long referring to the male.

Where do fancy guppies come from?

Guppy’s origins are from northeast regions of South America, since then they preceded all over the world.

The later introduction of selective breeding develops wild guppies into what we call now a fancy guppy.

Developing a strain of guppies takes a substantial amount of work but improving that strain takes a lot more work.

If you really want to perfect your efforts then there are a few steps that you can take to help you with your breeding efforts.

How do you preserve a guppy strain?

The strain must be stable, true breed, and with stable genes, this helps to predict the sibling’s similarity like the parents.

We suggest the Breeders clean the tank with a box or sponge filter.

Cleaning the tank ensures that the fry is safe from their hungry parents.

Pay attention to the first breeding stock:

It all begins with the first breeding stock that you’re going to choose.

Considering yourself as a beginner and new to breeding this is where a lot of errors are made.

You really want to start with a good strain so that you can proceed quickly.

You could start with an inferior pair that are not really matched well that you obtained from your local aquarium stores,

but you are looking at months if not years to develop the strain to the point where you have some good breeding stock.

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Guppy Fish selection – 4 Things to look for

Tip 1) Separation of males and females

The first thing to consider while purchasing is never buying a quality pair without visiting the farm directly,
Good breeders always separate males and females.

Tip 2) Breeding technique used in farm

The next thing to look for is the breeding technique using on the farm.

Farms use many methods for breeding If they are using inbreeding,

the quality of the babies(fries) we get from the purchased pair will be very low, so avoid it.

Only buy from a farm that employs at least out-crossing breeding techniques,

Avoid fish from Back cross Inbreeding, it causes issues like bending the spine in guppy fries.

Tip 3) Guppy size Selection

The next tip is to not buy extremely large size guppies.

Guppies aging 2.5 to 4 months are best for buying. They are energetic and we get fries for a long period.

Tip 4) Size of the Tail

The next thing to check is the area where its tail begins to spread.

The body portion touching the tail beginning should be thick and strong and is an indication of healthy fish.

You can also read a comprehensive Ebook about guppy color strains by Philip Shaddock

Guppy Color Strains

Focus on the age of the breeding stock:

Initially, We do not suggest going with the older males even if it is tempting because of their big colorful tales.

The other thing to keep in mind is to make sure when you’re purchasing your breeding pair that is young.

There are indications of more deformities occurring in the fry as a result of the breeding pair being older.

Be patient with your fine tuning efforts:

Although you are very anxious to have prime-looking guppies that could place first in all shows,

you need to be patient and make improvements in your breeding program little by little.

Part of your breeding success demands a great deal of observation.

It also entails a great deal of planning and documenting your observations.

The next thing is to look for is how active the fish are?

Any signs of laziness or difficulty in swimming are serious do not take it lightly.

Avoid buying guppies from that group.

Give the guppies room to develop:

It can be really difficult deciding which fish to keep and which to dispose of.

It is highly important that you don’t crowd your fish tanks.

The general consensus is that 8 to 12 guppies in a 10-gallon tank are most appropriate.

By allowing them plenty of space to grow they can reach their full size and potential.

Focus on one breeding trait:

You also have to focus on what it is you are definitely going after.

Are you concentrating on shape right now or are you concentrating on color?

There is no reason why you can’t do both, but if so then look at them as two separate breeding programs.

Avoid pot luck breeding:

Don’t get into pot luck breeding where you allow all the males to breed with the females in a random fashion.

Go by selection choosing only your best males and females.

The other thing is don’t use the first male that matures.

Watch the maturity of the males:

Keep an eye on the slower maturing males as these are the ones that will probably be able to reach their full size even though their growth rate is slower

How to Maintain Your Guppy Color Strain?

Once you have started breeding guppies there is so much you need to learn on regular basis.

Perhaps it will be a most exciting journey for you, and bring you pleasure and profit you.

There is a lot that you need to do in order to achieve the perfect guppy strain. This involves

  1. Proper breeding
  2. Getting the right supplies
  3. Taking care of your guppies and the maintenance
  4. Proper feeding
  5. Culling and selecting
  6. An understanding of genetics
  7. Record keeping
  8. Developing breeding methods

The first thing you’re going to decide is the color strain that you want to maintain.

Again it is your personal preference and what you feel and is going to get into showing guppies.

This means you are going to have to have the right breeding stock to start with,

which means that you need to find a breeder who can deliver the healthy and perfect breeding couple,

that can actually maintain and produce the color that you are looking for.

You may end up paying more money for this but it will be well worth it as this is your starting point.

There are a lot of things that when it comes to the color strain that is important;

such as whether the breeding couple will breed the true colors and that they will be stable through their genetics.

What is line breeding in guppies?

In-Line breeding-related guppies are bred together to promote certain traits.

So, line breeding can be defined as a specific form of selective breeding to maintain a color line.

This is often done through line breeding and it is going to entail some definitive record keeping.

keeping the offspring separate from your breeding pairs helps to identify the pedigree from that line.

Make sure you are able to keep a track of which is where your record-keeping comes in,

this way you will be able to control and eliminate breeding among the pairs.

However, there will be times that you will need to get into crossbreeding of the lines so that you can maintain the integrity of the strain that you are producing.

Normally when you are picking up a breeding pair select at least two of the related parent stock.

If you are buying a male and two females make sure the females be from two totally different lines.

When choosing the male you want to choose one that has or possesses the most male characteristics,

that you want to be passed along into your fry that you are breeding as your line.

This is just the beginning of maintaining and developing your guppy line.


These few extra guppy strain improvement tips along with the breeding knowledge,

Will surely help you to increase productivity and bring above-average results even though you are new to breeding guppies.

Some FAQ’S

What is the rarest Guppy?

Galaxy blue glass guppy or blue variegated cobra, A rare Japanese strain is the rarest guppy breed. Securing 4th place in World Guppy Contest

What is the most expensive Guppy?

The purple Moscow guppies are the most expensive guppy fish in the world, they are rare and costly because of the phenomenal strain they have.

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