17 Amazing Guppy Facts for Kids (You Must Know)

We love fascinating guppy fish and there are some incredible facts about guppies!

So read on for our top 17 guppy facts.

Guppy Fact #1: (History of Name “Guppy”)

Why Guppy is called Guppies?

The guppy got their name after their discoverer Robert John Lechmere Guppy.

Mr. Guppy was credited with discovering the amazing fish in Trinidad in 1866.

Guppy Fact #2: Eyes Before even Born

You can see baby guppies’ eyes before they’re even born!

Just before a female guppy gives birth, it’s often possible to see the eyes of the baby guppies through the translucent skin of their mother!

Guppy Fact #3: (Nicknamed Millionfish)

Another name for Guppies is the millionfish

Why are guppies called million fish? Guppies are often termed as millionfish;

They got this nickname due to ability to mature and reproduce faster, Guppy fish can mate all around the year.

Guppy Fact #4: (Frequent Reproduction)

A female guppy can give birth to well over 100 fry at a time

While most guppies give birth to fewer fry than this.

Some female guppies can give birth to up to 200 babies in one go.

Guppy Fact #5: (Fast Maturity)

Guppies mature very quickly and early

A male guppy will be ready to breed at just 2 months old.

Females are usually ready to breed by the time they are 3 months old.

Guppy Fact #6: (Cannibals)

Guppies will eat their own babies!

Besides being omnivorous guppy fish is Cannibalistic also, Guppies are evolved to eat their own fry,

they do so, to stop overcrowding of their habitat and to maintain population under control,

To prevent this from happening, you should transfer baby guppies to a separate tank soon after they are born.

Guppy Fact #7: (Fast Breeding)

Female guppies store sperm

After breeding with a male and giving birth once, a female guppy can become pregnant again even if no males are present!

This is because female guppies store males gamet, which they can use to get pregnant several times, without needing a male to impregnate them.

Guppy Fact #8: (Long Lifespan)

Guppies can live for up to 5 years

While most guppies only live for one or two years, some guppies live up to five years of age.

Guppy Fact #9: (Fights Malaria)

Guppies helps in combat malaria

In Asian countries guppy fish is deliberately set free in water sources to fight malaria parasite.

Malaria pathogen is transmitted in humans by mosquito bites, but guppies eat mosquito larvae,

The size of a mosquito larva is hardly 2mm , which is perfect fit for guppies mouth.

guppy fish deliberately feeds on them and prevents their breeding in still waters,

hence helps reduce the number of mosquitoes and slows the spread of the disease.

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Guppy Fact #10: (Colors and Size)

Guppies vary in shape as well as color

As well as choosing from a huge variety of guppy colors,

you can also choose from a huge variety of guppy tail shapes when picking out or breeding your fish.

Guppy tail shapes include the veil tail, lace tail, lyre tail, flag tail, double sword tail, and many more!

Guppy Fact #11: (Intelligence)

Guppies can recognize their owners

Guppies recognize their pet owners, moreover, they develop a bond with their owners and surroundings, they even know the caretaker’s facts and responds to some usual actions while feeding.

Guppy Fact #12: (Adaptation)

Guppies are Highly Adaptable

They can flourish in various water habitats. Although native to South America,

guppies are successful living in tropical, subtropical environments, and home aquariums all around the world.

Guppy Fact #13: (Omnivorous in Nature)

Guppy fish is an omnivore. This means they will eat anything that fits in their mouth.

In the wild they feed on a wide range of insects, larvae and algae.

In captive conditions, they easily rely on both herbivorous and carnivorous diets,

that includes algae tablets, brine shrimps, micro-worms, vegetable flakes, spirulina, egg yolk, and meats.

Guppy Fact #14: Livebearers (They Don’t Lay Eggs)

Unlike other fish that lay eggs, They give birth to live fry, guppies do not lay eggs.

fries are capable enough to swim, eat and look-after them from the moment they are born.

Guppy Fact #15: Friendly Tank Mates

Guppies are one of the most friendly community fishes you can have,

They make excellent tank mates with other peace loving fish such as platies, molies, tetras, plecos, cories or sword-tails.

Besides Male guppies bulling the females, we rarely see them attacking or harming other fish species.

Guppy Fact #17: They can live without Food

In captivity guppy fish can survive without feeding for weeks, If you go on for say vacation,

Just proper water, filter, ventilation and ambient temperature is sufficient for them to last for 7-15days.

Guppy Fact #17: Hardy Fish

Easy to breed, feed and can survive in most water environments and are suitable for beginners and kids.


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