How to Breed Show quality Fancy Guppies?

Guppies are such a fascinating breed of fish and their colors and characteristics are really eye-catching.

So it is no wonder that there are organizations that have formed in many parts of the world and hold show guppy competitions.

Is Breeding Show Guppies for You?

If you are looking to expand your involvement with these wonderful fish and step into the show world,

and you are going to get into breeding show guppies, then you have some work ahead of you.

You are really going to want to get into selective breeding on a serious note,

and you need to make sure that you are ready to dedicate the time and devotion to this.

As with any type of competition, it takes a lot of work to prepare for it if you want to be crowned the winner.

Here are the basic steps you want to take to become a show guppy breeder

Know what makes a show guppy

You will need to start your research to determine what the judges of show guppies will be looking for.

This is going to be the goal that you are going to be working towards in your breeding efforts.

Getting the right help

Check out your local area to see if there are any guppy organizations that you can join.

You will want to socialize with others within this same hobby as yours for several reasons.

One because you will have something in common.

Secondly, because you can learn from those more experienced than you.

Thirdly as they will probably have a list of all the guppy shows that you can participate in.

Study: Championship Show Guppies

You really need to become familiar with breeding as you will have a lot of decisions to make.

You are going to have to decide on the type of breeding techniques that you are going to start with.

This may be inbreeding, line breeding, or outcrossing.

You need to be knowledgeable in each of these in order to make the right decision.

Know exactly what you need

You need to know exactly what you need to breed properly.

There are a lot of tanks involved so you are going to need these, as well and space and the proper breeding atmosphere.

This is going to take a certain amount of monetary investment as well as time investment.

Raising and Showing Show Guppies 

You are going to need the proper amount of time to get totally set up so your tanks are ready when your show stock arrives.

Right breeding stock

You are most definitely going to need the right show breeding stock,

based on what division you are going to enter into for your guppy showing.

This means you have to source out a credible breeder that can supply you with your stock.

Proper care

You then have the proper care of the fry ahead of you and the back passageytical process of what you did on an ongoing basis.

These are just the basics that are needed to get you into the show world of guppies and to begin breeding show guppies.

Each one of these requirements has a great deal of detail to them that you will need to master in order to become a proficient breeder of show guppies.

Show guppies Vs. to Pet store Guppy

Show guppies and pet store quality guppie are similar in many aspects, but they differ in many physical traits including colors and tails, and fins.

Moreover, show quality guppies breeding is done over many generations,

Extensive care that includes food and wild-like environmental conditions,

to meet specific standards of perfection for competitive showing as per the International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA).

Show Quality Guppies
Show Quality Fancy Guppies

How Much Do Fancy Guppies Cost?

The fancy guppies have striking patterns and vibrant colors that can range in cost from $15 to $100 depending on exclusive traits and how rare the strain is.

Additionally, fancy guppies usually have fascinating tails long and flowing fin patterns that the pet store guppy usually lacks.

Price chart of some fancy guppies

  • Blue Delta Guppies will only cost you $10 from a breeder
  • Rare Black Moscow Guppies costs $80 from a breeder.
  • Mutt Guppies are average guppies costing from $5 onwards.
  • Competition Guppies Costs may go higher $100-150.
Showing Fancy Guppies

Fancy Guppy: A Rewarding Hobby

Breeding, Raising, and showing guppies is not only a fun and addicting hobby, but also provide satisfaction for years to come.

Always do your homework before starting with fancy guppy breeding,

as dozens of guppy strains are available in the market that may be confusing sometimes.

Always start small and try to learn the basics from experts and hobbyists,

you will see yourself as a professional fancy breeder in a matter of time.


Although it may seem like a lot of work which it is, it is also really exciting and you are going to be super proud of your efforts when you show guppies win first place.

For Further Reading

How can you tell the quality of a guppy?

The wild guppy strain is quite dull and unattractive in color, and wild guppies have almost no resemblance to fancy show-quality guppy strains.

How much does a fancy guppy cost?

The prices for fancy guppies start from $25 for a breeding pair and can go up to $70 a pair, depending upon the rarity of the strain

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