How to Setup Refuge for Guppy Fry?

How to Setup Refuge for Guppy Fry

Chances are you have gone to a lot of work for setting up your guppy tank and your breeding atmosphere to produce a good selection of guppy fry.

The work does not stop with the birth of the baby fry.

however, now the emphasis has to be put on protecting these fry from the potential dangers that they face from the moment of birth.

It is not unusual for guppy parents to devour the fry as soon as they are born.

It is not always possible for you to be there at the moment of delivery to rescue them.

so you have to put the proper safety measures in place, and you can do this with a guppy fry refuge that is set up properly.

There are a couple of ways that you can prevent the loss of fry because of cannibalism.

Best Hiding Spots of Guppy Fry!

Go for live aquarium plants such as java moss for the top layer and Anubias.

Another popular plant you’ll be able to find in every aquarium store for the bottom gavel.

Live plants help in providing shelter and growth of microorganisms that guppy fry feeds on.

Using Driftwood and wooden logs for the bottom gavel gives fry a place to rest and avoid being bullied by adults.

you can also go for artificial plants and glue them to the sides and bottom of the tank.

How to Save your Guppy Fry?

Floating breeder tank:

You may want to try a floating breeder tank. This is a tank that is comprised of clear plastic and will float in the water.

A divider is placed between the top part of the tank and the lower part of the tank and contains tiny holes.

When the female guppy gives birth to the fry the babies are able to fall to the bottom of the tank which means that the mother is no longer able to get at them.

While this will help to prevent a great amount of loss, there will still be some fry that will swim to the top of the tank and there isn’t much that you can do to prevent this.

Ideally, you want to remove the mother from the breeder tank as quickly as possible once birth has been given.

The better approach is to have a setup where you can remove the mother quickly and easily rather than having to remove the fry.

If it comes down to it that you must remove the fry from the tank that they were given birth in, then you will need a small fishnet to be able to do this quickly.

Plant Refuge:

You can also provide some additional coverage for your fry by the use of thick plants and these can be either real or artificial.

Placing them at the bottom of the tank will allow the majority of the fry to find them and utilize them as a hiding place.

This should give you enough time to be able to remove the adult from the tank so that she poses no further danger to them.

While you can put forth every effort possible to keep your fry alive it is not unusual to experience the loss of at least a few.

in summary

Fortunately, the adult should give a good amount of fry through her delivery and your loss will not be too consequential.

It is not uncommon for novices that have experienced the first delivery of fry to lose a great deal of the first batch because of their inexperience.

Fortunately, one can learn from their mistakes and move forward into the production of future guppy births that will be successful.

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