Is Java Moss Good For Guppy fry? (If Yes Why)

Are algae bad for guppies?

Java moss as a guppy fry saver

Guppy reproduction is easy but the hard part is protecting newborn fry from being eaten,

There are many ways to protect the fry, but the effective one that you really need is java moss.

Java moss is originally from Southeast Asia but now is grown throughout the whole world, wild and in captivity.

Java moss can grow in a huge range of conditions making it a very popular plant for beginners.

I have found java moss is the best way to protect your guppy fry.

It is just so thick and dense to hide in, bigger fish just can’t reach so they don’t bother trying.

Will guppies eat moss?

guppies love to constantly graze on the plant and the microorganisms that grow on moss.

Not only does this moss protect your guppy fry but it also feeds them,

Moss grows quite fast and it is pretty obvious they can’t eat it all but surely eat some often.

This healthy food supply can really speed up their growth,

and take the pressure off of you trying to feed them 5 times a day.

It is also a great safe haven for female guppies that are in labor and giving birth,

you will notice females slowly work their way in and rest there safe from being harassed.

Does Java moss reduce nitrates? The simple answer is Yes, Java moss grows pretty fast and helps in filtering out nitrites, ammonia, and excess nitrates out of the tank.

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Tips for keeping java moss

You can help your java moss grow a lot faster by fluffing it up giving it more surface area,

It enhances light exposure and really helps plants and moss to grow a lot quicker.

Many people like to add fertilizers to their fish tanks to help their plants grow faster,

I wouldn’t recommend adding these chemicals as fish create enough fertilizer with their waste.

If you are replacing water in your fish tank this is the right time and place to put your moss,

Fry loves moving and flowing water helping with growth and micro foods growth inside it.

Will Java moss take over my tank?

yes, Java moss grows pretty fast, and regularly cutting is required to stop it from getting out of control.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is java moss will grow everywhere it can,

and can even clog up filters so make sure you check them regularly.

Take the removed clumps and put them in other tanks of ponds that you may have.

How long does it take for Java moss to attach?

Normally its takes about 3-4 weeks but can extend up to few months to fully attach,

once it attaches successfully, the moss will fully flourish and grow on its own just like it does in wild.

You can make some really attractive landscapes with java moss, by attaching it to bogwood or a large rock with fishing line or rubber bands,

Can you glue Java moss?

If you are serious about keeping and breeding guppies, then I really do recommend putting java moss in your tanks, they will love it so much.

Green Moss + superglue = Works Great (If you can’t arrange real plants)

Superglue does work for moss, however, The moss has an ability to attach itself in few weeks,

So it is better to avoid permanent glue as it will leave spot marks

and limits the attaching opportunity of moss to clogs of wood.

Is green water good for guppy fry?

Normal Green water is usually safe for guppy because of the presence of nutritious algae,

But this could turn lethal also as they can change their Color to Mossy Green.

This condition reduces the amount of oxygen and hinders lights from getting inside the aquarium.

Java Moss Dying. Why does Java moss die?

Moss in aquarium dies in 3 conditions:

  1. If the aquatic plantation is too thick and light is not able to reach the lower layers of moss.
  2. when it is a completely dark place with no sunlight access at all.
  3. When Normal Green water moss Converts in Mossy Green Moss hence, reducing oxygen in the aquarium and ultimately killing aquatic life and itself.

Best Aquarium Plants For Guppies

  1. Guppy Grass
  2. Java Moss
  3. Duckweed
  4. Amazon Sword
  5. Elodea
  6. Anubias Barteri (Marble)
  7. Asian Ambulia

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