11 Best Orange Guppy Breeds, Prices, and More

Orange Guppy Breeds, Prices, and More

Orange guppies are some of the most well-known guppy varieties. These guppies are readily available and are very easy to maintain, and they can surely be the center of attraction of your tank. These are artificial variants and are developed through careful and selective breeding. These guppies boast a prominent orange coloration on their bodies, … Read more

Guppy Gravid Spot Changing Colors, 5 Reasons Why?

Guppy Gravid Spot Changing Colors Why?

You can notice a triangular-shaped spot under the tail of the guppies located close to the anus. This is also known as a gravid spot. Within a few weeks of pregnancy, this spot expands and turns darker. This is an indication that she is about to give birth. It is nothing but a darkened skin … Read more

Do Guppy Need Heater? 5 Best Heater For Guppies

Heater For Guppies

Guppies need ideal water temperatures of 71 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit for their survival. Icy weather conditions can give rise to various ailments and infections that can even take a guppy’s life. Guppies need a heater in their water tank to maintain the ideal water parameters. This also reduces the chances of temperature fluctuations and … Read more

12 Best Golden Guppy Breeds, Price & More

Golden Guppy Breeds, Prices, and More

Golden guppy is a beautiful Fish, genetic blond guppy variety has more than 25% gold coloration over their bodies. The body colors of these guppies resemble that of a golden metallic ring. It is the Metal Gold gene that makes them look golden. You can notice a more intense gold coloration on homogeneous Mg guppies. … Read more

Guppies Cost Of Ownership & Its All Varieties 2022

Guppies Cost Of Ownership & Its All Varieties price

Guppies are brightly colored freshwater fish found in most regions of the world. Male guppies are comparatively smaller and brighter than female guppies, and they have a calm temperament. The cost of a guppy may vary depending upon the coloration and breed. Common guppies would cost up to $1 per piece, which is very affordable. … Read more

9 Best Fish To Control Guppy Fry

Best Fish To Control Guppy Fry

Guppies reproduce very fast, and they usually spawn at least once a month, which may give birth to more than 200 fish. This implies that you can see more than hundreds of guppy fry every month. Hence you must introduce some best fish in the tank to control the population of guppy fry. How Do … Read more

Breeder Box For Guppies Full Review in 2022

All About Breeder Box For Guppies

Though it is relatively easy to breed guppies, it is challenging to ensure that adult guppies do not eat the young fry. If you have been trying to learn about the breeding process in guppies, you must have realized that it is essential to separate the guppy fry from the adult guppies for their safety … Read more

How Do Guppies Give Birth? A Complete Guide

How Do Guppies Give Birth? A Complete Guide

Guppies are elegant-looking livebearers, and this means they can give birth to live, free-swimming babies called guppy fry. Fish hobbyists can breed happy and healthy guppies by understanding how these guppies usually give birth. This reduces the chances of any disease in guppy fry and lowers the stress in pregnant guppies. All About How Guppies … Read more

What Are The Best Substrate For Guppies? In 2022

Best Substrate For Guppies

Choosing the suitable substrate for your guppies is extremely important. Sand can be the best substrate for your guppies, and this is because sand has a fine texture and has lesser chances of getting stuck in the mouth of a guppy. You can also use gravel or more enormous rocks as a substrate. Do Guppies … Read more

Are Guppies Tropical Fish? Are Guppies Hardy too?

Are Guppies Tropical Fish

They were confused about whether guppies are tropical fish or not? Let us end this confusion. Yes, guppies are small-size, tropical freshwater fish, and they are one of the most well-known aquarium fish on the planet. Guppies can be found on almost all continents (except Antarctica). The ideal temperature for their survival ranges from 72 … Read more