What Temperature Do Guppies Need? Ideal Temperature Guide

What Temperature Do Guppies Need?

Guppies are tropical freshwater fish which means that they dwell in wild water conditions. However, they can adapt themselves to tolerate other temperature ranges. But one must know the ideal water temperature range best for their survival. The suitable water temperature for guppies is between 72 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Guppies can also exist in … Read more

4 Reason Why Guppy Tail Shrink?

Reason Why Guppy Tail Shrink

There are various types of illnesses and infections which can harm your guppies. Fin rot is a common bacterial infection in guppies. This is a condition when the tails and fins of the guppy fish shrink. Though it can be prevented easily, it becomes incurable in advanced stages and can even cause death. Let’s first … Read more

19+ Rare White Guppy Fish (With Price)

Rare White Guppy Fish (With Price)

21 Best White Guppy Fish White Tuxedo Guppy Platinum White Guppy Snow White Guppy Albino Platinum White Guppy American White Guppy White King Cobra Guppy Moscow White Guppy Red And White Guppy White Lace Guppy White Tex Guppy White Dumbo Ear Guppy White Tiger Guppy White Grass Guppy White Santa Guppy Blue And White Guppy … Read more

17 Red Guppy Names, Appearance & Price

Red Guppy Names, Appearance & Price

Red guppies are one of the most beautiful looking guppies in the world. They grab people’s attention with their solid red color. They have relatively large bodies with small fins. There are more than 17 different red guppies, and they are readily available in the market at an affordable price. Are Red Guppies Rare? Yes, … Read more

15 Best Tiger Guppy Fish (With Price)

15 Best Tiger Guppy Fish (With Price)

Here, we’ll talk about the best-known tiger guppy fishes. 15 Best Tiger Guppy Fish Varieties Tiger Mosaic Guppy Yellow Tiger Guppy Tiger Endler Guppy Yellow Tiger Mosaic Guppy Yellow Tiger King Cobra Guppy Half Moon Tiger Guppy Platinum Tiger Guppy Tiger Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy Red Tiger Mosaic Guppy Green Tiger Guppy Black Tiger Guppy … Read more

Are Guppies Schooling Fish? If Yes, Why?

Are Guppies Schooling Fish

Guppies are known as schooling fish, and they can be seen schooling if observed correctly through an aquarium. Guppies usually begin to school together when threatened by other aggressive fishes. Education is one of the ways through which they keep themselves safe. When they feel afraid and threatened, they would start schooling together and swim … Read more

How To Play With Guppy Fish?

How To Play With Guppy Fish

Keeping guppies active and entertained is very important for their health and happiness. And it is no surprise that guppies love to interact with people and play with various toys to keep themselves entertained. You must keep your guppies involved with numerous decorative items and toys. Let’s learn how to play with guppy fish? The … Read more

Why Is My Guppy Fry Not Growing? 7 Solid Reasons

Why Is My Guppy Fry Not Growing?

One of the significant concerns that irritate most fish owners is its fry growth. In this article, I’m going to answer a fascinating question: why is my guppy fry not growing? This article will highlight all the points and factors that can stunt your guppy fry growth. Typically, stunts in the guppy fry growth usually … Read more

Betta Fish And Guppies: Can Bettas Live With Guppies?

Can Bettas Live With Guppies

Can Bettas Live With Guppies The answer to this question is yes. Bettas can live with guppies, but many factors need to be considered, such as the overall behavior and aggression of the bettas, how spacious the fish tank is, and what other fishes are there in the tank. Bettas and guppies both need a … Read more

Best Food For Guppies In Captivity and Wild: 2022 Guide

Best Food For Guppies

Picking out the right Guppy fish food can be difficult. It’s not right to go for living, frozen, or freeze-dried food for Guppy’s wellbeing. It’s always best to know if they need plant matter in their diet or if it is best to offer meat only. If you want to give your guppies the best … Read more