12 Reasons Why Guppies Die? + Prevention Tips

Reasons Why Guppies Die

Reasons Why Guppies Die! Why do my guppies keep dying? How can I prevent this from happening? in this article, We are going to answer all these common questions.

Reasons why Guppies are Dying? This depends on many things how you are keeping guppies, the water conditions may not be right. Research proper temperature, water pH, hardness, and diet ( is a place I refer to often).

The top reasons why guppies die are lack of

  • water change,
  • cycling of tank,
  • overfeeding,
  • wounds,
  • infections,
  • Improper Tank temperature,
  • PH

If you keep other fish with your guppies, watch for aggressive behavior.

My parents kept an aquarium when I was young, and I often found angel fish nipping at the guppies’ fins.

Are you doing regular water changes, that’s a must-do if keeping fish of any kind.

Also, do you have a filter in the tank?

You must have one that has biomaterial to keep them from dying of nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate.

As said you must read about the nitrogen cycle, When cleaning your filter never wash the sponge of bio media in tap water,

that kills your good bacteria, that eats up the ammonia and nitrites and turns them into the less poisonous nitrate,

Basics to Consider

Water changes take care of the nitrate that builds up.

I would do a 50 percent water change now and be sure to use a water conditioner.

Keep your water clean and under pH control, and don’t overfeed.

Keep your temperature stable at 70-80 °F or 20-30 °C, and not too warm.

If well cared for, guppies can live perhaps 5 years.

More often they aren’t and only live 1 or 2 years (counting pet store time.)

Why do my guppies keep dying?

I have provided everything in my knowledge for them.

I had 2 guppies in my 5.5-gallon tank, one of them died,

Later on, in this incident, I bought an air pump with a long bubbler,

and it still seems that my last guppy is still always at the surface.

What causes guppies to swim to tank top?

Sometimes a basic setup is best. Such as mentioned below :

A tank with a large volume of water, good lighting, lots of plants, stable temperature, and only a couple of fish. 

You may not require a filter or air stone although they would both be a plus. Where most people go wrong is to overcrowd a tank

( A lake is mostly empty water with few fish), overfeed ( A small amount of food of good quality or live food).

Water changes are good but not truly needed frequently in tanks with few fish and lots of healthy plants.

As you begin to crowd fish that’s when you need better filtration systems and more frequent water.

12 Reasons why guppy die

  • #1: Lower or Higher pH levels in Tank
  • #2: Higher levels of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate
  • #3: Varying Water Temperatures (Non Ambient)
  • #4: Predatory and Bullying Tank Mates
  • #5: Improper Acclimation of New Tank
  • #6: Weak Genetic Strains and their Breeding.
  • #7: Lower Survival Rate of Fry or baby guppy.
  • #8: Irregular Cycling and New Tank Syndrome(NTS)
  • #9: Guppy Diseases and Syndromes
  • #10: Stressed pregnant Females (Impatient tank ecosystem)
  • #11: Overfeeding Guppies and Fry
  • #12: Unattended Syndromes, Infection from Wounds

Lack of water change.

All tanks need regular water change in order to remove all the toxins from the water.

Overfeeding Guppies and Fry

Too much food can pollute the water and kill the fish.

Furthermore, some guppies can’t control their consumption which can cause them to eat too much and eventually die from the intestine infection.

(Cycling and Accilimation) Water change shock.

When you want to introduce new water to a tank, you have to do it slowly to give time for the fish to adapt to the new water.-

Guppy Diseases

(Parasites and Fungus)

Certain types of insects can be deadly to guppies such as parasite worms which won’t die inside the fish and keep growing bigger.

Infection from wounds.

Some guppies like to attack others and it can cause wounds.

A wounded guppy needs to be separated from the rest and given anti-bacterial treatment to prevent infection.

An aggressive guppy also needs to be separated from others in order to prevent further damage.

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